Jon Dalton was recently interviewed by BBC Radio Nottingham after an incident in a park where a member of the public was taken to the A&E department as a result of unkempt play equipment.

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Outdoor Adult Fitness Equipment

The installation of fitness equipment has accelerated over the past few years with many providers sourcing a range of equipment from a number of suppliers around the UK and Europe as well as further afield.

There have been a number of initiatives to try to implement a standard for this type of equipment including the French XP S 52-904, some work on PAS888 and a draft German Standard. Work has started on a European Standard but realistically it will be a minimum of two or three years before anything is likely to be published. The German test authority TüV has had a test protocol in place since 2007, which they have used to certify products of this type throughout Europe since that time.

One of the biggest debates around Outdoor Adult Fitness Equipment has been its proximity to children's play spaces and its suitability for such areas. The reality is that this type of equipment cannot meet with the requirements for play (BS EN 1176) as the scope of this standard relates specifically to play items intended for use by children.  Read more...

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New Parkour Standard

The attached guidance relates to the new Parkour Standard which will be released by BSI any day now; I hope that the guidance is self-explanatory but we will be covering the subject at our next CPD event on the 16th February, an event that I believe is important for as many as possible to attend.

In the meantime should you have any questions please email me and I will recirculate answers to any questions to all members so that we have as much clarity as possible.

This document is for internal use only at present I will circulate a slightly shortened version to all within the next week. It is important that we get this advice to as many of our clients as possible to ensure as far as is reasonably practicable the health and safety of all users of these areas.

Best Regards

Keith Dalton
RPII Technical Director - Outdoor

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New standards November 2017

With the introduction of new standards on the 30th November it is crucial that we all start applying these consistently and to avoid any misunderstandings going forward the attached statement sets out the current position and withdrawal date for the current standard.

We will discuss aspects of the new standard at our next CPD meeting but should you have any questions regarding implementation please do not hesitate to make contact to discuss. Please see here for full statement.

Best Regards

Keith Dalton

New playground in memory of Grace

CHEERS of delight greeted the opening of a new games area at Grace's Playground, in Ilmington.

Children from Ilmington Primary were excited to try out the football wall and basketball half-court – known as a MUGA (multi utility games area), which cost more than £11,000 to install.

The new area had been built under the guidance of Ilmington Parish Council, who were keen to replace an existing dilapidated skateboard ramp with something that would appeal to children and indeed adults of all ages.

The project has been funded by an £8,000 grant from Tesco's Bags of Help Campaign, generous local benefactor Sarah Holman, the Red Lion pub, and Grace's Fund.

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Flood hit park destroyed by Storm Desmond re-opens with an impressive make-over!bittspark

Flood hit park destroyed by Storm Desmond re-opens with an impressive make-over! At the peak of the December floods, Carlisle’s premier play park was under eight feet of water and the contaminated water caused extensive damage. Bespoke play equipment has been installed and the layout now includes flood resilient measures.


The RPII at Cheltenham Regional Roadshow for Society of Local Council ClerksCheltenham

The RPII were represented by Noel Harris, RPII Administrator on November 25th at the Society of Local Council Clerks 2015 Cheltenham Regional Roadshow.

The RPII on the Road...

image1It's already been a busy autumn season for Noel as he has been up, down and around the country on behalf of the RPII, visiting several conferences and exhibitions. He has met many local councillors, primary headteachers, secondary headteachers and others who are responsible for the upkeep and inspection of playground and play facilities.

RPII launch a new qualification for Routine and Operational Inspections of school play areas.

We have identified a need for a new qualification which schools logois specifically aimed at schools managing the routine and operational inspections of their outdoor playgrounds.

This is a 3 year, RPII accredited qualification. It is an image based written and practical assessment, which can be carried out at one of our examination centres.

For further information check out our dedicated webpage here or contact Noel on (0)2476 693787 .


Competition winners get their first official inspection

RPII cheque presentation smKendal Nursery School and Brantfield Day Nursery won £1,000 in our competition designed to raise awareness of our services, give them the opportunity to get a free fully qualified inspection and be awarded cash to improve on their existing play facilities.

RPII Director of Marketing and RPII registered Outdoor Annual Inspector, Jon Dalton carried out the inspection on 3rd September and presented the cheque  to headteacher Veronica Broyd.