RPII saves energy with environmentally friendly installation

We are proud to announce that the RPII HQ has been fitted with x14 8.33 Gallium Solar Panels which are expected to produce 3432 KW in the first year and estimated to save £240 in fuel bills.

We are expecting to be able to power the office on solar energy alone, thereby reducing our dependence on the national grid and relieving demand on non-environmentally friendly power sources. Furthermore, the system we are having installed assumes that only 50% of what the solar panels generate is used to run the office and that the other 50% is exported back to the national grid.

The Galluum Monocrystalline Solar Panels we have chosen are manufactured by Pangea Systems and have a number of advantages over Polycrystaline Panels including higher efficiency rating due to them being made out of the highest grade silicon.  These panels work most efficiently at ambient temperatures which means when the temperature drops below 10 degrees (as it so often does!) they still transfer daylight into energy.

Each of the 8.33 panels have 96 silicon cells compared to most other panels which have 60 cells. This allows them a higher open circuit voltage of 59.6v compared with 37.2v with most 60 cell panels. Even on a cloudy day the panels will generate approximately 286 volts (based on a 4kw system).

The panels were installed by Scottish Solar who have commissioned the system in line with MCS installation standards to ensure the system is safe, has been installed in accordance with documented procedures and manufacturer’s requirements. At the RPII we understand the need to follow guidelines and ensure the system is properly installed, checked and maintained!