Outdoor Adult Fitness Equipment

The installation of fitness equipment has accelerated over the past few years with many providers sourcing a range of equipment from a number of suppliers around the UK and Europe as well as further afield.

There have been a number of initiatives to try to implement a standard for this type of equipment including the French XP S 52-904, some work on PAS888 and a draft German Standard. Work has started on a European Standard but realistically it will be a minimum of two or three years before anything is likely to be published. The German test authority TüV has had a test protocol in place since 2007, which they have used to certify products of this type throughout Europe since that time.

One of the biggest debates around Outdoor Adult Fitness Equipment has been its proximity to children's play spaces and its suitability for such areas. The reality is that this type of equipment cannot meet with the requirements for play (BS EN 1176) as the scope of this standard relates specifically to play items intended for use by children.  Read more...

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