Operational Australia

Membership Number Name Company Name Exam Expiry Date Distance (aprox. miles)
OP2824 Adam Langtree Cairns Regional Council 13-07-2020 N/A
OP4799 Adam Weiss APP 01-05-2021 N/A
OP4746 Adrian Pizzey Safety Source 28-11-2020 N/A
OP4752 Alan Lodge Balranald Shire Council 28-02-2021 N/A
OP4276 Alexander Borgh Etheridge Shire Council 13-07-2020 N/A
OP4708 Amandeep Singh Weddin Shire Council 07-09-2020 N/A
OP3015 Andrew Comas City of Victor Harbor 16-11-2020 N/A
OP3032 Andrew Davey Westside Christian College 15-06-2020 N/A
OP2816 Andrew Davis Mareeba Shire Council 13-07-2020 N/A
OP2796 Andrew Morris City of the Tea Tree Gully Council 21-11-2020 N/A
OP4209 Andrew Rowlands Brisbane Independent School 08-02-2020 N/A
OP4219 Andrew Child Maitland City Council 24-02-2020 N/A
OP4242 Andrew O'Donohue Scouts 05-04-2020 N/A
OP4720 Andrew McLean Gladstone Regional Council 11-10-2020 N/A
OP4743 Andrew Hope Fulton Hogan 24-11-2020 N/A
OP4715 Angela Waldner Moira Shire Council 07-09-2020 N/A
OP4796 Angela Cations Goodstart Early Learning 01-05-2021 N/A
OP4080 Anthony Hodges Livingstone Shire Council 27-10-2019 N/A
OP4203 Anthony WIlson Narbethong SSS 08-02-2020 N/A
OP4235 Anthony Macmichael Watatah Wynyard Council 31-03-2020 N/A
OP4254 Anthony Harris City of Marion 06-04-2020 N/A
OP4281 Anthony McDonell Shire of Campaspe 03-08-2020 N/A
OP4700 Anthony Bengtsson Waverley Council 18-08-2020 N/A
OP6033 Anthony Ashton FDC Construction 06-02-2022 N/A
OP4257 Anton Nguyen Lismore City Council 20-04-2020 N/A
OP4768 Antony Boden APP Corporation 16-03-2021 N/A
OP4776 Armen Martinelli Douglas Shire Council 28-03-2021 N/A
OP4238 Atif Shaukat King Island Council 31-03-2020 N/A
OP4234 Ben Buckland The Friends School 31-03-2020 N/A
OP4725 Ben Broad Cook Shire Council 18-10-2020 N/A
OP4274 Benjamin Carroll Cairns Regional Council 13-07-2020 N/A
OP4205 Bernie Zietlow Tweed Shire Council 08-02-2020 N/A
OP4247 Bianca Chenoweth City of Charles Sturt 06-04-2020 N/A
OP4704 Blake Hall Citywide Solutions 18-08-2020 N/A
OP4775 Brad Smith Tweed Shire Council 22-03-2021 N/A
OP4283 Bradley Stewart City of Greater Bendigo 03-08-2020 N/A
OP2823 Brett Kilpatrick Douglas Shire Council 18-10-2020 N/A
OP4243 Brett Boston City of Port Lincoln 06-04-2020 N/A
OP4286 Brian O'Bree City of Greater Bendigo 03-08-2020 N/A
OP4729 Brian Varley Shire of Strathbogie 26-10-2020 N/A
OP4284 Bruce Allison City of Greater Bendigo 03-08-2020 N/A
OP4723 Byron James Peach Cairns Regional Council 18-10-2020 N/A
OP4744 Carl Nielsen Fulton Hogan 24-11-2020 N/A
OP4764 Christine Melville Goodstart Early Learning 16-03-2021 N/A
OP4735 Christopher Francis Port Augusta City Council 16-11-2020 N/A
OP4763 Christopher Bryant Goodstart Early Learning 16-03-2021 N/A
OP6373 Christopher McMahon Play Force PTY Ltd 02-08-2022 N/A
OP4765 Clare Gallacher Goodstart Early Learning 16-03-2021 N/A
OP4736 Clayton Wilson District Council Streaky Bay 16-11-2020 N/A
OP4730 Clinton Kiely Strathbogie Council 26-10-2020 N/A