Outdoor Operational

Membership Number Name Company Name Exam Expiry Date Distance (aprox. miles)
OP0408 David Barber Halton Borough Council 04-03-2019 N/A
OP2721 David Battel Bolton Council 21-05-2017 N/A
OP3073 David Baxendale Pendelton Together 18-02-2018 N/A
OP1963 David Bell Durham County Council 17-11-2018 N/A
OP3655 David Benton London Borough of Barking & Dagenham 19-11-2018 N/A
OP3459 David Bielby Together House 16-09-2018 N/A
OP3526 David Bradford Cambridge City Council 25-09-2018 N/A
OP3094 David Brewer Belthorn Academy Primary School 03-03-2018 N/A
OP1759 David Chadbourne Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council 20-03-2018 N/A
OP3688 David Clough Blyth Town Council 03-12-2018 N/A
OP3042 David Connolly Fallons 18-12-2017 N/A
OP2857 David Cook East Devon District Council 04-09-2017 N/A
OP3724 David Cossey Maidstone Borough Council 09-12-2018 N/A
OP3281 David Crawford Crawford Contracts Group Ltd 03-07-2018 N/A
OP2753 David Cupit Cheshire West & Chester Council (Road 3 Depot) 11-06-2017 N/A
OP1910 David Dudley Conwy County Borough Council 01-04-2018 N/A
OP0021 David Edney SMP Playgrounds Ltd 30-07-2018 N/A
OP3588 David Gardner London Borough Of Sutton 08-10-2018 N/A
OP2734 David Gillard DEG Play Maintenance & Inspections 01-02-2020 N/A
OP0109 David Goymer Amey 23-11-2019 N/A
OP2854 David Graham DTGS Ltd 04-09-2017 N/A
OP3224 David Green Greens Grounds & Trees 03-06-2018 N/A
OP0235 David Griffiths Wigan Council 20-03-2018 N/A
OP1730 David Hall Tendring District Council 14-11-2017 N/A
OP0231 David Haspell Winsford Town Council 17-11-2017 N/A
OP3410 David Hime London Borough Tower Hamlets 08-11-2018 N/A
OP3196 David Hunt Rochdale MBC 14-05-2018 N/A
OP3242 David Jones Huntingdon District Council 01-04-2018 N/A
OP2674 David Kernohan Cormac Solutions 10-11-2019 N/A
OP1866 David Lamont The Highlands Council 22-04-2018 N/A
OP3468 David Lund-Larsen Gravity fitness Ltd 16-09-2018 N/A
OP3216 David Macaskill Creative Play 03-06-2018 N/A
OP3529 David Malia Cambridge City Council 25-09-2018 N/A
OP2844 David McElwee Timber Tots 30-07-2017 N/A
OP1774 David McFarlane Trafford Borough Council 25-02-2018 N/A
OP3256 David McIntosh Fife Council 08-07-2018 N/A
OP2475 David Millington Wolverhampton City Council 18-10-2019 N/A
OP1583 David Moore Form CI Ltd 16-11-2017 N/A
OP3458 David Nicholls Bury Council 16-09-2018 N/A
OP2940 David Normoyle John O'Connor 29-10-2017 N/A
OP1811 David Owen Isle of Anglesey County Council 26-01-2018 N/A
OP2864 David Owen Miracle Design & PLay Ltd 17-09-2017 N/A
OP2212 David Phillips Pembrokeshire County Council 18-03-2019 N/A
OP0238 David Ratchford Wigan Council 20-03-2018 N/A
OP0600 David Renouf Broxbourne Council 23-02-2020 N/A
OP3414 David Sangster The Landscape Group 08-06-2018 N/A
OP3132 David Schwarz East Cambridgeshire District Council 18-03-2018 N/A
OP1802 David Smith Fife Council 20-05-2018 N/A
OP0463 David Stent Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council 23-11-2018 N/A
OP0709 David Stone Robert Blair School 07-12-2019 N/A