Outdoor Operational

Membership Number Name Company Name Exam Expiry Date Distance (aprox. miles)
OP6025 Drew Murray Optivo 08-01-2022 N/A
OP0098 Duncan Gilchrist Scottish Woodlands Ltd 21-04-2020 N/A
OP0146 Duncan Tyndall Oxford Direct Services 06-03-2022 N/A
OP4192 Duncan Williams One Trafford Amey 27-02-2021 N/A
OP4563 Duncan Fraser Midlothian Council 22-02-2020 N/A
OP5831 Duncan Ford Rochdale Borough Council 19-09-2021 N/A
OP6246 Duncan Little Yateley Town Council 09-05-2022 N/A
OP4525 Dylan Mulhall Buccleuch Recreational Enterprises Ltd 09-02-2020 N/A
OP4682 Eamon Boyle Donegal County Council 09-03-2020 N/A
OP5276 Eamonn Willett Dublin City Council 05-12-2020 N/A
OP5881 Eamonn Haughey Armagh Banbridge Craigavon Council 08-11-2021 N/A
OP2544 Ed Burnett Great Barford Parish Council 18-05-2020 N/A
OP2782 Eddie Irwin Rugby Council 06-07-2020 N/A
OP4489 Eddie Peters Vertas Group Limited 18-01-2020 N/A
OP4949 Eddie Crawley Self Employed 28-06-2020 N/A
OP4485 Eddy Yoxall Ansa 25-01-2020 N/A
OP4184 Edward Morton EKM Limited 22-09-2019 N/A
OP4917 Edward McKay North Somerset Council 01-06-2020 N/A
OP5089 Edward Grant Broadacres Housing 15-09-2020 N/A
OP5302 Edward Parry Denbighshire County Council 24-01-2021 N/A
OP5303 Edward Pritchard Engie 24-01-2021 N/A
OP5379 Edward Matthews Ubico 15-03-2021 N/A
OP6296 Edward Walling National Trust For Scotland 03-06-2022 N/A
OP3101 Edward Eamon Fennelly Office Of Public Works 12-03-2021 N/A
OP1577 Edward Gerwyn Thomas Neath and Port Talbot Council (Briton Ferry) 18-01-2020 N/A
OP6078 Edwin Kong CT-Art Creation Pte Ltd 16-02-2022 N/A
OP2778 Eleanor Hazel Montgomery Charnwood Borough Council 06-07-2020 N/A
OP6269 Elinor Voisin Eden Project 24-05-2022 N/A
OP3716 Elizabeth Buckingham Maidstone Borough Council 06-12-2021 N/A
OP4962 Elizabeth Balmer Playground Facilities Ltd 30-06-2020 N/A
OP5963 Ellie Mortimer London Borough of Waltham Forest 30-11-2021 N/A
OP4530 Elliott Rix North Hykeham Town Council 09-02-2020 N/A
OP5761 Elzbieta Gil Continental Landscapes Ltd 20-08-2021 N/A
OP1579 Emanuel Flecken Green Touch Consultants Limited 22-02-2020 N/A
OP3075 Emily Banks Together Housing Group 07-03-2021 N/A
OP6337 Emily Saunders Middlesbrough Borough Council 05-07-2022 N/A
OP6352 Emily Jeavons Wychavon District Council 17-07-2022 N/A
OP2878 Emma Dodsworth Brian Dodsworth 15-09-2020 N/A
OP0106 Emma Sibbing Solihull MBC 23-11-2019 N/A
OP5002 Emma Campbell Babcock 4S 12-07-2020 N/A
OP5884 Emma Ervine Appletree Play 08-11-2021 N/A
OP0092 Emmanuel Cohu Safe Play 21-05-2022 N/A
OP5141 Emmanuel Manu Glendale 18-10-2020 N/A
OP3664 Endrit Shuli London Borough of Barking & Dagenham 16-11-2021 N/A
OP5339 Epeli Seru Houghton Regis Town Council 21-02-2021 N/A
OP1878 Eray Taylan London Borough Of Hackney 29-05-2021 N/A
OP1818 Eric Downie Fife Council 05-07-2021 N/A
OP4537 Eric Pennicott Circle Housing 08-02-2020 N/A
OP5130 Eric Candlish National Trust for Scotland 13-09-2020 N/A
OP5560 Eric Samson Lisburn Castlereah City Council 23-04-2021 N/A