Outdoor Operational

Membership Number Name Company Name Exam Expiry Date Distance (aprox. miles)
OP0064 Jayne O'Connor Wychavon District Council 13-10-2018 N/A
OP1359 Jayne Jarvis Peterborough City Council 28-10-2017 N/A
OP3834 Jayne Draper Wellingborough Norse 02-03-2019 N/A
OP4802 Jean Deamer Scottish Woodlands Ltd 21-04-2020 N/A
OP2061 Jeannie Pasley Carlisle City Council 01-12-2018 N/A
OP2944 Jeff Hall Peterlee Town Council 31-10-2017 N/A
OP1900 Jeff Payne Swale Borough Council 17-07-2018 N/A
OP3252 Jeff Taylor Fife Council 08-07-2018 N/A
OP3786 Jeff Birch Gym Fix Team Ltd. 03-02-2019 N/A
OP3989 Jeff Parkinson Self Employed 18-05-2019 N/A
OP4430 Jeff Ardron Amey 23-11-2019 N/A
OP4664 Jeff Piner ISS 30-03-2020 N/A
OP0022 Jeffrey Cox Hags-SMP Ltd. 30-07-2018 N/A
OP0110 Jeffrey Edmunds Newport City Council 11-11-2019 N/A
OP4617 Jemma Annetts-Reid Reids Playground Maintenence Ltd 14-03-2020 N/A
OP0700 Jennie Judd Newport City Council 11-11-2019 N/A
OP0690 Jennifer Cottam Lancashire County Council 10-03-2019 N/A
OP0583 Jennifer Love Harrogate Borough Council 08-10-2018 N/A
OP4348 Jenny Lount East Riding Council 12-10-2019 N/A
OP1364 Jeremy Jackson Engineering Inspection Solutions Ltd 04-08-2019 N/A
OP2900 Jeremy Fitt Groundlands Ltd 02-10-2017 N/A
OP1200 Jerry Widdas Urban Recreation Ltd 01-03-2020 N/A
OP3260 Jessica English Charnwood Borough Council 25-06-2018 N/A
OP2243 Jill Batten Bristol City Council 26-05-2019 N/A
OP1320 Jill Trafford East Lindsey District Council 09-08-2019 N/A
OP3047 Jim Brown Outdoor Recreation NI 03-12-2017 N/A
OP2907 Jim Brunt Maldon District Council 09-10-2017 N/A
OP3656 Jim Dunn London Borough of Barking & Dagenham 25-11-2018 N/A
OP3240 Jim Mawer Huntingdon District Council 01-04-2018 N/A
OP2525 Jim Nicol Aberdeen City Council 23-11-2019 N/A
OP3965 Jim Alison Burleys 28-04-2019 N/A
OP4389 Jim Warden Aberdeen City Council 23-11-2019 N/A
OP4913 Jim Goldsmith Shrewsbury Town Council 25-05-2020 N/A
OP3362 Jimmy Thorpe London Borough of Barnet 30-07-2018 N/A
OP3804 Jo Barraclough Wakefield M.D.C 25-02-2019 N/A
OP3934 Jo Bellotti Curo 14-04-2019 N/A
OP3135 Joanne Law Infinite Playgrounds 26-03-2018 N/A
OP2314 Joanne Lempriere Newbury Town Council 30-06-2019 N/A
OP3917 Joanne Wilson Morpeth Town Council 15-04-2019 N/A
OP0492 Jocelyn Orchard Monkey World 20-01-2020 N/A
OP3968 Jody Panter Timotay Group 11-05-2019 N/A
OP3736 Joe Ball North Yorkshire County Council 14-01-2019 N/A
OP3177 Joe Fidler Your Derwent & Solway 29-04-2018 N/A
OP1840 Joe Grehan Joe Grehan Services 13-03-2020 N/A
OP3584 Joe Hyde London Borough Of Sutton 08-10-2018 N/A
OP3222 Joe Postles Henley on Thames Town Council 03-06-2018 N/A
OP3060 Joe Vass Wokingham Borough Council 10-02-2018 N/A
OP3814 Joe Wilson St Helens M.B.C 26-01-2019 N/A
OP3871 Joe Howarth G Burley & Sons Ltd 16-03-2019 N/A
OP3905 Joe Mcelhone Shepway Distric Council 31-03-2019 N/A