Operational Australia

Membership Number Name Company Name Exam Expiry Date Distance (aprox. miles)
OP4241 Paul George City of Adelaide Council 06-04-2020 N/A
OP4261 Paul Chandler Muswellbrook Shire Council 29-06-2020 N/A
OP4784 Paul Hughes City Of Playford 11-04-2021 N/A
OP3625 Peter Butterss Douglas Shire Council 10-11-2018 N/A
OP3756 Peter Thomson City of Launceston Council 11-02-2019 N/A
OP4060 Peter Dariol Canberra Grammar School 26-08-2019 N/A
OP4703 Peter Day City Of Sydney Council 18-08-2020 N/A
OP4719 Peter Fontaine Gladstone Regional Council 11-10-2020 N/A
OP4751 Peter Mattschoss Balranald Shire Council 28-02-2021 N/A
OP3301 Peter Davey Ultimate Play 07-03-2021 N/A
OP4778 Peter Emmerson Douglas Shire Council 28-03-2021 N/A
OP4781 Peter Mills Whyalla Council 04-04-2021 N/A
OP4082 Phil Spratt Banana Shire Council 27-10-2019 N/A
OP4714 Rasika Diyagama Moira Shire Council 07-09-2020 N/A
OP4272 Raymond Wong Cairns Regional Council 13-07-2020 N/A
OP4016 Renata Harris Yulara Childcare Centre 11-03-2019 N/A
OP4800 Renee Simpson Goodstart Early Learning 01-05-2021 N/A
OP3544 RIchard English City of Salisbury 30-09-2018 N/A
OP4021 Richard Bond Cairns Regional Council 17-03-2019 N/A
OP4740 Richard Smith Global Gym Equipment 16-11-2020 N/A
OP4088 Rob Solomon City of Darwin 25-11-2019 N/A
OP3299 Rodney Richardson Clarence City Council 07-03-2021 N/A
OP2814 Ron Butler Cairns Regional Council 13-07-2020 N/A
OP4210 Rosemary Williams Longreach Regional Council 16-02-2020 N/A
OP4009 Roy Cortese City of Monash 14-04-2019 N/A
OP4081 Ryan Chapman Banana Shire Council 27-10-2019 N/A
OP3753 Ryan Joshua Jones Hobart City Council 03-02-2019 N/A
OP4282 Sally Bruhn Shire of Campaspe 03-08-2020 N/A
OP4048 Samantha Davis Wingecarribee Shire Council 07-07-2019 N/A
OP4263 Samuel Dunn Dungog Shire Council 29-06-2020 N/A
OP4073 Sara Wilson Self Employed 15-09-2019 N/A
OP3548 Scott Pearsons City of Victor Harbor 30-09-2018 N/A
OP2442 Scott Park West Tamar Council 11-02-2019 N/A
OP4075 Scott Fry Charters Towers Regional Council 12-10-2019 N/A
OP4774 Scott Letham Tweed Shire Council 22-03-2021 N/A
OP4761 Scott Percey Brighton Council 07-03-2021 N/A
OP3624 Sean Cooper Douglas Shire Council 10-11-2018 N/A
OP4008 Shane McMahon City of Monash 14-04-2019 N/A
OP4713 Shane Conroy James Gardner 07-09-2020 N/A
OP4275 Shane Butler Etheridge Shire Council 13-07-2020 N/A
OP4707 Sharon Eppelston Weddin Shire Council 07-09-2020 N/A
OP4001 Shaun Ralph Ararat Rural City Council 14-04-2019 N/A
OP4769 Shaun Tammjarv Newline Creations 22-03-2021 N/A
OP3645 Simon Barrett Pittwater Council 29-10-2018 N/A
OP3644 Simon Barrett Pittwater Council 29-10-2018 N/A
OP4228 Simon Natoli Tasmanian Catholic Education Office 31-03-2020 N/A
OP4245 Simon McGeorge Pembroke School Inc 06-04-2020 N/A
OP4253 Simon Scholtyssek City of Marion 06-04-2020 N/A
OP4292 Simon Fishlock Hepburn Shire Council 03-08-2020 N/A
OP4726 Simon Merchant Sail Structures p/l 18-10-2020 N/A