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The RPII Seal

Look out for the RPII Annual Members Seal of Authenticity
What do they mean?

These seals, which detail the inspector’s name, registration number and type of qualification (Indoor, Outdoor or Inflatable) are more than just additions to a cover of a report.

They’re proof that the person inspecting the play area is qualified to do so. These seals are only issued to RPII Annual Inspectors to help distinguish between the different levels of qualification that the RPII offer.

It is vitally important to ensure the person inspecting your play area has the correct qualification and to the correct level – for your benefit and the children playing on the area.

Why is the seal so important?

Play areas need to be safe for those who play in them and to ensure peace of mind for those who are in charge of them. This means regular inspections in order to ensure the equipment is safe, secure, and adheres to the British and European standards.

The standards a play area should adhere to differ based on the type of play area it is. Annual inspections are by far the most important, and therefore before you undertake an annual inspection, you need to ensure the person you’ve chosen is qualified.

These inspections are thorough and require a lot of knowledge, as the wear and tear of the equipment will impact the way it operates, which could potentially make it unsafe. Annual inspectors are also qualified to do post-installation inspections, which ensure a newly built play area meets the safety requirements.

Routine and Operational inspectors of outdoor equipment are not registered as competent to carry out annual inspections. Routine inspectors can carry out outdoor inspections on a daily or weekly basis, dependent on how often the play area is used.

Operational inspectors carry out inspections on a monthly or quarterly basis but these cannot be used in place of an annual inspection. Similarly, an inflatable annual inspector cannot carry out an indoor annual inspection, and vice versa.

Whilst each inspector is qualified to do a specific inspection, it is important to find the right one with the correct knowledge for your inspection.

If you have any concerns, remember….

To ensure you’ve got the right person for the job, ask to see their seal. It should be attached to the front of an inspection report, and the inspector’s details may be checked online at the RPII website ( where full contact details of all annual qualified inspectors can be found.

Safety and your peace of mind

To ensure your play area is safe, make sure you use an inspector with the necessary qualification. If you built it to the safety standards required, the best way to ensure it maintains those standards & remains fit for use is to have it regularly inspected by someone who can see those faults that may not be visible to the untrained eye.

To prevent fraudulent inspections, unsafe equipment and risking children’s safety...
...remember to look for the seal.