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This is a new qualification for Routine and Operational Inspections of school play areas.

We have identified a need for a new qualification which is specifically aimed at schools managing the routine and operational inspections of their outdoor playgrounds.

This is a 3 year, RPII accredited qualification. It is an image based written and practical assessment, which can be carried out at one of our examination centres.

Subjects to cover:
Scope of Qualification

• Risk assessment
• Reporting Procedures
• Inpection Procedures
• Legal Aspects
• Immobilisation of Equipment
• Timber
• Steel
• Plastics
• Rope
• Chains and Connections
• Tyres
• Different types of surfacing
• Cleanliness
• Vegetation



This qualification is ideal for anyone responsible for managing, inspecting & maintaining school play areas such as: School Site Managers, PTA Members, Head Teachers, Nursery Teachers.


Equipment covered:

• Activity Trails
• Ball Shoots
• Play Panels
• Climbing Frames
• Multii Plays
• Multi Use Games Areas
• Outdoor Classrooms
• Ancillary Equipment, Benches, Bins, Gates, Fences
• Any Other Static Equipment
• Tyre Trails
• Safer Surfacing

Not Covered:

• Swings
• Rocking Equipment
• Rotating Equipment
• Wheeled Sports
• Any Other Equipment With
• Dynamic Movement

For more information on this qualification please contact:

Noel Harris
+44 (0)2476 693787

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