About The Register of Play Inspectors (RPII)

The Register of Play Inspectors International (RPII) is the official UK body for examining, accrediting and certificating inflatable, indoor and outdoor play inspectors. The RPII also accredits courses for the training of inspectors to ensure that playground safety standards are met and adhered to for your complete peace of mind.

Ensuring play safety is essential - both for the protection of the children using the equipment and to mitigate risk for the councils, schools and organisations in charge of these play areas. By using accredited playground inspectors, providers can be sure that they meet the strict criteria set by the RPII and that they’ve been fully trained to conduct inspections to the required levels of competence.

Play area and equipment safety

RPII playground safety and equipment inspections include Annual Safety Inspection and Reports, Post-Installation Safety Inspection, Operational and Routine Inspections

All of our registered inspectors meet our high standards for assessing children's play areas and equipment, covering 3 specific areas:

  • Indoor - RPII Inspectors for Indoor Play and FEC Centres
  • Inflatable - RPII Inspectors for Inflatable Play Equipment
  • Outdoor - RPII Inspectors for Outdoor Play Areas

With the protection of children being of paramount importance, these organisations joined forces to develop an independent, governing body for play equipment and play area inspections. By combining their knowledge and expertise of play safety issues, the RPII Board offers a platform for inspectors to show potential and existing employers that they have demonstrated their competency to carry out the inspection and reporting tasks required.

The four main founding organisations who began working together to provide independent accreditation for play inspections are:

The RPII also works closely with the British Standards Institute (BSI) with an active representative on the RPII Board.