About the campaign

The RPII and PIPA have joined forces to launch the #BounceSafe campaign which aims to promote the industry and get parents and those booking inflatables to take the appropriate steps to help ensure safe usage during this summer surge and reduce the number of accidents and injuries.

The inflatable industry has been hit hard by the COVID pandemic. Our survey of RPII operators revealed that:

56% of business have been negatively impacted financially
70% of inflatable operators had to temporarily close their business
22% have had to sell equipment
42% have had their inspection schedule impacted.
Our YouGov research also reveals the support from the public for the industry as one in seven (15%) say they want to support their local inflatables business after the lockdown.

You can view the full results from the survey here.


As part of the campaign we have created a range of resources for you to use.

Safety tips for hirers

This document has been created to give hirers of inatables guidance on how to hire and use a bouncy castle safely at home.
You can use this document to publish on your website, share on social media, and supply to clients and prospective clients to help them to manage their event.


The video below has been created as a visual resource to help explain the information provided in the safety tips pdf. It can be embedded on your website, shared on social media and also shown to clients. You can share the video by using this link.

Operator Refresher

This document is a condensed version of the RPII’s operator training manual designed to provide an online refresher for operators who have not been operating during lockdown. Please note this is not the full training, is not a
substitute for training but will provide a reminder for those who have not been operating during the national lockdown. The document is designed for operators running castles at private homes or private events.

YouGov Research Statistics

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