Annual Inflatable Inspector

The Register of Play Inspectors International (RPII) provides accreditation to the competence levels required by the Pertexa Inflatable Play Accreditation (PIPA) scheme. We work alongside PIPA to ensure that all inflatable safety standards are met.

The RPII conducts written and practical examinations for Annual Inspectors of Inflatable Play Equipment. This process ensures that inspectors have met the required levels of knowledge and competency for this type of equipment.

Candidates should also own copies and have a good working knowledge of BS EN 14960 and should be able to demonstrate an understanding of how children use play facilities.  Candidates are also required to own and demonstrate competent use of inspection probes.

If you wish to become a RPII Annual Inflatable Inspector, you can find out more about the application and examination process using the information below:

Inflatable Equipment Operator Attendant

These qualification types cover the following:

For CONTROLLERS (those who have overall control of the equipment and who are responsible for its inspection & maintenance e.g. hirers)

For OPERATORS (those persons, over 18 years, appointed by the controller to be in charge of the day to day operation of the equipment)

For ATTENDANTS (those persons, over 16 years, working under the direction of the operator to assist in the operation of the equipment)

The course and exam contains the following:

Conformity and Standards

  • Safe Handling
  • Setting up outdoors on Grass / Earth
  • Positioning of perimeter fence
  • Clear area around inflatable
  • How to construct the bouncy correctly
  • Setting up indoors
  • Routine Inspections
  • Attendants duties
  • Operators duties
  • Emergencies and accidents procedures
  • Putting equipment away

To find out more about becoming an Inflatable Operator/Attendant please contact us.

The RPII is the official body for examining, accrediting and certificating indoor, outdoor and inflatable play inspectors.

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