Members Covid-19 Notice

Dear Member,

The Register of Play Inspectors advises all inspectors to follow current HSE/NHS/Governments guidance with regard to the current Corona Virus (COVID19) pandemic.

The employer has a duty of care to the employee.

Additional Information.

RPII Guidance Document

Membership Number Name Company Name Exam
Expiry Date
OS0156 Aaron Morris Galliard School 01-05-2022
OS0109 Al Moore LB Of Lewisham 04-07-2021
OS0135 Alan Price St Josephs Catholic Primary 14-12-2021
OS0113 Alex Casagrande Brindishe Green Primary 04-07-2021
OS0144 Andrew Wood Portland Spencer Academy 18-02-2022
OS0143 Andrew Wagg Derby Moor Academy 18-02-2022
OS0217 Andrew Rooney The Queens C of E Primary School 18-09-2022
OS0152 Anthony Cunningham Freezy Water St Georges School 01-05-2022
OS0206 Anthony Green Matchborough First Academy School 03-07-2022
OS0169 Byron Gallagher Healing Primary 16-05-2022
OS0229 Callum Wrest Huddersfield Grammar School 29-10-2022
OS0235 Callum Barrell Cognita 29-10-2022
OS0149 Catherine Haymes St Teresa's Effingham 10-04-2022
OS0155 Catherine O'Neill Governors St Marys Primary School 01-05-2022
OS0237 Chris Richardson Cognita 29-10-2022
OS0198 Claire Jarvis Malden Manor Primary & Nursery School 17-06-2022
OS0205 Clare Pain Ombersley Endowed First School 03-07-2022
OS0226 Clare Scadding Olympus Academy Trust 28-10-2022
OS0157 Danny Rowell De Bohun Primary School 01-05-2022
OS0179 Darren Carter Padre Pio Primary School 16-05-2022
OS0195 Darren Duquemin Ashmole Primary School 19-06-2022
OS0196 Dave Paxton St Philips Schools 17-06-2022
OS0141 David Harris St Lukes First School 14-12-2021
OS0147 David George Claremont Fan Court School 10-04-2022
OS0211 David Oliver Finstall First School 03-07-2022
OS0222 David Brand St Richard C of E Primary School 18-09-2022
OS0220 David Pike Kings Oak Primary School 18-09-2022
OS0236 David Morrison Cognita 29-10-2022
OS0225 David Sanders Olympus Academy Trust 28-10-2022
OS0148 Dawid Rakowski Staines Preparatory School 10-04-2022
OS0202 Dean Shaw St Helens School 15-07-2022
OS0177 Deborah Williams Jan Cresswell 16-05-2022
OS0221 Dermot Bracken Lowther Primary 18-09-2022
OS0137 Dona Hill Tardebigge C of E School 14-12-2021
OS0199 Doug Farrington Malden Manor Primary & Nursery School 17-06-2022
OS0201 Eamonn Murphy St Helens School 15-07-2022
OS0212 Elaine Huntington Honeybourne Pimary Academy 03-07-2022
OS0136 Emma Bridgwater Tardebigge C of E School 14-12-2021
OS0116 Gary Hopper Kilmorie Primary School 05-07-2021
OS0167 Gary Burgess Humberston Park School 16-05-2022
OS0204 Ghanshyam Vekaria St Helens School 15-07-2022
OS0111 Glen Goode Eliot Bank 04-07-2021
OS0214 Glenn Jones Trinity High School 03-07-2022
OS0183 Glyn Davies Denygarn Community Primary School 16-05-2022
OS0154 Gordon Buck Lavender School 01-05-2022
OS0231 Gordon Roberts Huddersfield Grammar School 29-10-2022
OS0185 Graham Fisher TBC 16-05-2022
OS0140 Harry Sharpe St Lukes First School 14-12-2021
OS0120 Haydn Phillips Brindishe Schools 05-07-2021
OS0121 Hayley Downing Dean Close School 21-12-2021
OS0228 Iain Potter Cognita 29-10-2022
OS0159 Ian Lock Walker Primary School 01-05-2022
OS0138 James Cox The De Montfort School 14-12-2021
OS0122 James Key Dean Close School 21-12-2021
OS0123 James Lopategui Dean Close School 21-12-2021
OS0125 James Munn Dean Close School 21-12-2021
OS0110 Jason Thayre Launcelot Primary School 04-07-2021
OS0197 Jason Brown Christchurch New Maldon C of E Primary School 17-06-2022
OS0200 John Lewthwaite Burlington Junior School 17-06-2022
OS0161 Jonathan Moore Waltham Leas Primary Academy 16-05-2022
OS0189 Judy Newberry Weston Park Primary 06-06-2022
OS0190 Katie Coombes Weston Park 06-06-2022
OS0164 Kevin Redgrift Scartho Junior Academy 16-05-2022
OS0187 Kevin Petty Coldfall 06-06-2022
OS0115 Kristina Wallace Ashmead Primary School 05-07-2021
OS0145 Kylie Burbage Spencer Academies Trust 18-02-2022
OS0188 Laggi Efthymiou Coldfall Primary 06-06-2022
OS0172 Lindsay Meredith St Davids Primary School 16-05-2022
OS0112 Louis Smith GGLV Federation 04-07-2021
OS0174 Lyndon Burroughs Griffithstown Primary School 16-05-2022
OS0219 Mala Mistry Surbiton Childrens Centre Nursery 18-09-2022
OS0170 Mark Cranham Hurn Parish Council 23-05-2022
OS0181 Mark Cox Torfaen Borough Garndiffiath Primary School 16-05-2022
OS0239 Mark McLaughlin Warren Farm Primary School 08-11-2022
OS0234 Mark Dewsbury Colchester High School 29-10-2022
OS0224 Mark Williamson Bradley Stoke Community School 28-10-2022
OS0160 Martin West Brimsdown School 01-05-2022
OS0114 Matt Hicks Beecroft Garden Primary 05-07-2021
OS0191 Matt Burge North Harringay Primary 06-06-2022
OS0238 Matthew Cooney Cognita 29-10-2022
OS0209 Melanie Millar Bredon Hancocks CE First School 03-07-2022
OS0127 Michael Seamarks Dean Close School 21-12-2021
OS0218 Michele Di Bernardino Lime Tree Primary School 18-09-2022
OS0142 Mick Duggan Rigby Hall School 14-12-2021
OS0151 Mike Bradford St Teresa's Effingham 10-04-2022
OS0168 Mike Clark New Waltham Academy 16-05-2022
OS0118 Nathan Lobb John Ball 05-07-2021
OS0166 Neil Edmond Humberston Park School 16-05-2022
OS0171 Neil Mason Woodlands Field Group 16-05-2022
OS0227 Nelson Franco Cognita 29-10-2022
OS0131 Nicholas Clissett Moons Moat First School 14-12-2021
OS0207 Nicholas Monkton Oldbury Park Primary School 03-07-2022
OS0203 Nick Braxton St Helens School 15-07-2022
OS0230 Nuria Mestre Cognita 29-10-2022
OS0119 Paul Moger St Michael School 05-07-2021
OS0163 Paul Dean William Barcroft Junior School 16-05-2022
OS0165 Paul Hodson Stanfor Junior & Infants School Laceby 16-05-2022
OS0192 Paul Waller Crowland Primary School 06-06-2022
OS0208 Paul Burrows PR Associates 03-07-2022
OS0233 Paul Dabbadie Henden Prcp 29-10-2022
OS0162 Paula Wilkins Great Coate Primary 16-05-2022
OS0117 Peter Ratcliffe Downderry Primary School 05-07-2021
OS0173 Phillip Townsend Greenmeadow Primary School 16-05-2022
OS0213 Ray Cullwick Our Lady Of Lourdes Catholic Mult Academy 03-07-2022
OS0176 Richard Sutton Croesyceiliog & Llanyraven Community Council 16-05-2022
OS0180 Ryan Young Trevethin Activity Barn 16-05-2022
OS0193 Sam Hadfield St Aidans Primary School 06-06-2022
OS0194 Samoel Pereira Ashmole Primary School 19-06-2022
OS0139 Sarah Callanan St Stephens First School 14-12-2021
OS0129 Sarah Bradley Dean Close School 21-12-2021
OS0158 Sarah Ventham The Latymer School 01-05-2022
OS0153 Sarah Davis Brimsdown Primary 01-05-2022
OS0126 Scott Priest Dean Close School 21-12-2021
OS0178 Scott Morris Blaina Gwent County Council 16-05-2022
OS0240 Simon Newton St Patrick's Primary School 08-11-2022
OS0150 Stephen Novak St Teresa's Effingham 10-04-2022
OS0184 Stephen Macey Torfaen Borough Council 16-05-2022
OS0223 Stephen Tynan St Marys C of E Primary School 18-09-2022
OS0232 Stephen Williams Active Learning Group 29-10-2022
OS0132 Stephen Paul Morris Fort Royal Community Primary School 14-12-2021
OS0133 Steve Wainwright St Stephens First School 14-12-2021
OS0182 Steve Eyers Woodlands Community Primary School 16-05-2022
OS0210 Steve Sewell Cookley Sebright Primary School 03-07-2022
OS0128 Steven Jones Dean Close School 21-12-2021
OS0146 Terence Doyle Aldro Educational Trust 10-04-2022
OS0130 Terry Martyn St Johns/Dean Close 21-12-2021
OS0186 Terry Hill Blaenycwm Primary School 16-05-2022
OS0216 Tom George Whittington C of E PRimary School 03-07-2022
OS0124 Tony Read Dean Close School 21-12-2021
OS0215 Victoria Jervis Advance Trust 03-07-2022
OS0134 Wayne Telford Hollymount School 14-12-2021
OS0175 Wayne Evans T.B.C Ponthir CW School 16-05-2022

The RPII is the official body for examining, accrediting and certificating indoor, outdoor and inflatable play inspectors.

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