Members Covid-19 Notice

Dear Member,

The Register of Play Inspectors advises all inspectors to follow current HSE/NHS/Governments guidance with regard to the current Corona Virus (COVID19) pandemic.

The employer has a duty of care to the employee.

Additional Information.

RPII Guidance Document

Membership Number Name Company Name Exam
Expiry Date
OS0357 Adam Brown Denstone College 17-02-2026
OS0045 Ade Langfield Beaconside Primary School 10-11-2025
OS0281 Adrian Parfoot West Wittering PPS 23-08-2025
OS0300 Adrian Lynch Pathfields School 03-08-2025
OS0285 Alexandre Monteiro Woodlands Meed School 24-08-2025
OS0316 Andrew Jolly Bolton School 26-10-2025
OS0382 Andrew Davies Ysgol Panteg 19-09-2026
OS0353 Andrew Paul Johnson Denstone College 17-02-2026
OS0275 Andy Burroughs North Mundham Primary School 23-08-2025
OS0294 Angela Cribb Handcross Primary School 24-08-2025
OS0376 Billy Wennington Drapers Brookside 06-04-2026
OS0346 Cheryl Lewis Blaenavon Heritage VC Primary School 06-12-2025
OS0252 Chris Brennan Spencer Academies Trust 21-02-2025
OS0318 Chris Collier Bolton School 26-10-2025
OS0360 Chris Atkins Walberton & Binsted CE School 15-02-2026
OS0263 Christopher Wells St Francis College 29-04-2025
OS0288 Christopher Kirkin Manor Field Primary School 24-08-2025
OS0336 Christopher Williams Llanyrafon Primary School 06-12-2025
OS0354 Christopher Rogers Denstone College 17-02-2026
OS0198 Claire Jarvis Malden Manor Primary & Nursery School 12-07-2025
OS0362 Cliff Ruffle Chidham School 15-02-2026
OS0251 Colin Carr Alexandra School 15-02-2025
OS0270 Colin Davis Kings Oak Primary School 12-07-2025
OS0356 Colin Woollett Denstone College 17-02-2026
OS0253 Daniel Heavens Cognita 22-02-2025
OS0309 Daniel Fogg Cirrus Trust 25-10-2025
OS0352 Danielle Hughes The Fed.of Blenheim Road Community & Coed Eva Primary School 06-12-2025
OS0304 Danny Wright Pipers Corner School 11-10-2025
OS0380 Danny Young Drapers Maylands Primary School 05-04-2026
OS0195 Darren Duquemin Ashmole Primary School 16-06-2025
OS0330 Darren Chew Birchensale Middle School 09-11-2025
OS0287 Dave Pilbeam Woodlands Meed School 24-08-2025
OS0375 Dave Williams Drapers Pyrgo Priory School 05-04-2026
OS0211 David Oliver Finstall First School 10-11-2025
OS0236 David Morrison Cognita 22-02-2025
OS0256 David Marsh Cognita Schools 22-02-2025
OS0262 David Watson St Francis College 29-04-2025
OS0284 David Willoughby Three Bridges Primary School 24-08-2025
OS0312 David Moore Cirrus Trust 25-10-2025
OS0313 David Blackman Cirrus Trust 25-10-2025
OS0361 David Gingell Warden Park Primary 15-02-2026
OS0247 David John Oram Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Primary School 15-02-2025
OS0293 Dawn Mitchell WSCC 24-08-2025
OS0369 Dekk Brain Princethorpe Foundation 24-02-2026
OS0378 Douglas Ballard Drapers Maylands Primary School 05-04-2026
OS0311 Edward Rogers Cirrus Trust 25-10-2025
OS0368 Edward Robertson Princethorpe Foundation 24-02-2026
OS0331 Elizabeth Crumpton Eckington CofE First School 09-11-2025
OS0136 Emma Bridgwater Tardebigge First School 13-12-2024
OS0266 Erron Malcolm Equans 25-04-2025
OS0317 Gareth Bolton Bolton School 26-10-2025
OS0248 Gary Morrow Fernhill Primary School 15-02-2025
OS0388 Gerry Hobbs Pontnewydd Primary School 19-09-2026
OS0259 Gita Makwana Oakfields 22-02-2025
OS0272 Glen Collard St Matthews CofE Primary School 12-07-2025
OS0243 Gordon Rogers St Lukes CofE First School 13-12-2024
OS0365 Graeme Knight Sheddingdean School 15-02-2026
OS0276 Graham Stonard Easebourne CofE Primary School 23-08-2025
OS0308 Greg Beardsworth Cirrus Trust 25-10-2025
OS0065 Gregory Saunders Abbey Park Schools Federation 10-11-2025
OS0359 Henry Cook The Windmills Junior School 15-02-2026
OS0343 Howard Geen Torfaen Children Services 06-12-2025
OS0277 Ian West Trafalgar Community Infant School 23-08-2025
OS0315 Ian Charlton Bolton School 26-10-2025
OS0391 Ian Harvey Royal School Wolverhampton 21-12-2026
OS0302 James Siddle Pipers Corner School 11-10-2025
OS0096 James Pearson Bromsgrove School 13-07-2024
OS0307 James Tyson Cirrus Trust 25-10-2025
OS0323 James Ingram Chadsgrove School 10-11-2025
OS0241 Jamie Totney Bromsgrove School 13-07-2024
OS0324 Jamie Armstrong Pebworth First School 10-11-2025
OS0385 Jasper Davenne Loed Eva Primary School 19-09-2026
OS0338 Jeff Manning Cwmffwrdoer Primary School 06-12-2025
OS0337 Joe Natale Torfaen County Borough Council 06-12-2025
OS0032 John Caldwell Wyre Forest School 10-11-2025
OS0098 John Brookes Bromsgrove School 13-07-2024
OS0101 John Roberson Bromsgrove School 13-07-2024
OS0265 John Sample St Francis College 29-04-2025
OS0383 John Norman Ysgol Gymraeg Cwmbran 19-09-2026
OS0254 Jon Ruler Cognita 22-02-2025
OS0320 Jon Grubb Pinvin Federation of CofE Schools 10-11-2025
OS0328 Jon Newbold Blakedown Primary 09-11-2025
OS0358 Jonathan Davis Denstone College 17-02-2026
OS0100 Joseph Goulding Bromsgrove School 13-07-2024
OS0260 Josh Wilde Cuffley Camp Outdoor Centre 22-02-2025
OS0344 Julian Smith Torfaen County Borough Council 06-12-2025
OS0242 Karen Davis Feckenham CofE Primary School 13-12-2024
OS0349 Keiron Jones Henllys Church in Wales 06-12-2025
OS0303 Kevin Hill Pipers Corner School 11-10-2025
OS0274 Kevin Steele Buckingham Park Primary School 23-08-2025
OS0282 Kevin Rawson Eastergate CE Primary Schooll 23-08-2025
OS0327 Kevin Jenkins St Georges CE Primary School 09-11-2025
OS0393 Kevin Farmer Royal School Wolverhampton 21-12-2026
OS0381 Kwok Ben Chung Crownbridge School 19-09-2026
OS0145 Kylie Burbage Spencer Academies Trust 14-02-2025
OS0321 Lee Poultney Broadway First School 10-11-2025
OS0370 Lee Creaser The Mall School 06-04-2026
OS0283 Lewis Earthrowl-Gould St Francis of Assisi 24-08-2025
OS0389 Lisa Southall Royal School Wolverhampton 21-12-2026
OS0255 Louis Aspeling Huddersfield Grammar School 22-02-2025
OS0271 Luigi Pozella Coombe Hill Schools 12-07-2025
OS0340 Lyndon Reynolds Nant Celyn Primary School 06-12-2025
OS0301 Mark Hendry Taylor Road Primary School 10-10-2025
OS0181 Mark Cox Torfaen County Borough Garwteg Primary School 06-12-2025
OS0257 Mark Johnson Oakfields 22-02-2025
OS0290 Mark Clawson Broadfield Primary Academy 24-08-2025
OS0291 Mark Bulford Blackwell Primary School 24-08-2025
OS0347 Mark Thomas St Davids School 06-12-2025
OS0364 Mark Wesley St Margarets CE Primary School 15-02-2026
OS0367 Mark Roberts Thomas A Becket Junior School 15-02-2026
OS0386 Mark Powell Ysgol Gymraeg Cwmbran 19-09-2026
OS0390 Mark Hadlington Royal School Wolverhampton 21-12-2026
OS0334 Mark A Williams St Kenelems CofE Primary School 09-11-2025
OS0351 Matthew Griffiths Llantarnam Primary School 06-12-2025
OS0012 Melissa Jones Cognita Schools - SSC 22-02-2025
OS0250 Michael Kirby High View Primary School 15-02-2025
OS0273 Michele Di Bernardino Lime Tree Primary School 12-07-2025
OS0079 Michelle Adams Tibberton C of E First School 09-11-2025
OS0258 Mike Stokes Akeley Wood School 22-02-2025
OS0047 Natalie Oakes Oakhill First School 09-11-2025
OS0207 Nicholas Monkton The Demontfort School 09-11-2025
OS0363 Nick Knight Heron Way Primary School 15-02-2026
OS0372 Nick Lupton Whybridge Junior School 05-04-2026
OS0097 Nigel Probert Bromsgrove School 13-07-2024
OS0297 Norman Glenister Lampard School 03-08-2025
OS0102 Norman Baldwin Pitmaston Primary School 09-11-2025
OS0267 Omario McKenzie Equans 25-04-2025
OS0314 Patrick Darwell Bolton School 26-10-2025
OS0073 Paul Handley Cherry Orchard Primary School 10-11-2025
OS0296 Paul Shapland Lampard School 03-08-2025
OS0245 Paul Hazelton Bengeworth CE Academy 13-12-2024
OS0269 Paul Scarborough Strathmore School 12-07-2025
OS0289 Peter Wilkes Albourne CE Primary School 24-08-2025
OS0310 Peter Noel Cirrus Trust 25-10-2025
OS0341 Phil Lavender Penygarn Community School 06-12-2025
OS0173 Phillip Townsend Greenmeadow Primary School 19-09-2026
OS0246 Richard Norman Muschamp Primary School 15-02-2025
OS0295 Richard Parr Harting Primary School 23-08-2025
OS0299 Richard Seal Pilton Infant School 03-08-2025
OS0348 Richard Sansom New Inn Primary School (TCBC) 06-12-2025
OS0350 Richard Williams Torfaen County Borough Council 06-12-2025
OS0379 Richard Kersey Upminster School 05-04-2026
OS0384 Richard Hobbs Pontnewydd Primary School 19-09-2026
OS0306 Rob Lock Cirrus Trust 25-10-2025
OS0329 Rob Downes St Marys School 09-11-2025
OS0332 Rob Barr Millfields First School 09-11-2025
OS0261 Robert Worbey St Francis College 29-04-2025
OS0325 Roy Williams Ipsley CofE Middle School 10-11-2025
OS0292 Sam Hill Milton Mount Primary School 24-08-2025
OS0326 Samantha White Pendock School (Worcs CC) 10-11-2025
OS0194 Samoel Pereira Wyvil Primary School 16-06-2025
OS0139 Sarah Callanan St Stephens First School 13-12-2024
OS0342 Scott Bailey Torfaen Children Services 06-12-2025
OS0345 Shan Hart Blaenavon Heritage VC Primary School 06-12-2025
OS0249 Shaun Barber Culvers House Primary School 15-02-2025
OS0387 Shaun Doughton Penygarn Community Primary School 19-09-2026
OS0339 Sian Draper Torfaen County Borough Council 06-12-2025
OS0279 Simon Russell West Sussex County Council 23-08-2025
OS0278 Spencer Batty Lavant CE Primary School 23-08-2025
OS0322 Stephen Bryant Regency High School 10-11-2025
OS0335 Stephen Evans Maendy Primary School 06-12-2025
OS0133 Steve Wainwright St Stephens First School 13-12-2024
OS0182 Steve Eyers Woodlands Community Primary School 19-09-2026
OS0244 Steve Morris Fort Royal Community Primary School 13-12-2024
OS0298 Steve Blackmore Lampard School 03-08-2025
OS0373 Steven Keen Scargill Junior School 05-04-2026
OS0355 Stewart Burton Denstone College 17-02-2026
OS0374 Stuart Crafer Scargill Infants School 05-04-2026
OS0371 Terry Furness Drapers Pyrgo Priory School 05-04-2026
OS0286 Thomas Kalyvas Estcots Primary School 24-08-2025
OS0280 Tim Formaggia Rose Green Infant School 23-08-2025
OS0264 Tom Graddon St Francis College 29-04-2025
OS0305 Tom Johnston Pipers Corner School 11-10-2025
OS0366 Tony Harvey St Mary's CE School 15-02-2026
OS0377 Tony Pepler Shears Green Infants 06-04-2026
OS0333 Tracie Langfield Astley CofE Primary School 09-11-2025
OS0392 Vijendra Jabar Singh Royal School Wolverhampton 21-12-2026
OS0175 Wayne Evans T.B.C Ponthir CW School 06-12-2025
OS0319 Zsolt Pinter Bolton School 26-10-2025

The RPII is the official body for examining, accrediting and certificating indoor, outdoor and inflatable play inspectors.

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