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The Register of Play Inspectors advises all inspectors to follow current HSE/NHS/Governments guidance with regard to the current Corona Virus (COVID19) pandemic.

The employer has a duty of care to the employee.

Additional Information.

RPII Guidance Document

The examination process

The assessment day will consist of 2 parts; 1 written and 1 practical examination.

Written examination:

The written examination consists of 2 papers, including some multiple choice questions.

Both papers will test your knowledge of BS8409:2002, Indoor Play Area Guidance on Safe Practice (published by ILAM), EN1176 and EN1177, alongside your working knowledge of the design, manufacture, materials, operating, maintenance and inspection of fully enclosed play equipment.

Practical examination:

Candidates will be required to carry out an Annual Inspection and audit of fully enclosed play equipment in the presence of an RPII examiner. You will be required to make notes, describe what you’re doing and explain the reasons for your actions. The assessor may ask questions to clarify why you’re inspecting in a particular manner.

While you will be permitted to refer to items such as your own short codes, reference book and Standard, the play inspection and audit must be completed within a pre-defined time limit.

You will be required to demonstrate that you know how to use EN1176 Standard probes during the course of your inspection – these will be available on site, or you may bring your own if preferred. The assessment will place emphasis on your ability to identify hazards and technical failures linked to the requirements of EN1176.

At the end of the assessment your written notes will be viewed by the examiner who will either countersign or photocopy them and return them to you before you leave. You will then be required to submit a completed inspection report within two weeks.

The inspection report must be based on the notes you have made on site, but you are permitted to refer to the Standard for clarification where the data is not commonly used. The written inspection site notes will, therefore, need to indicate where you considered there might be failures and what they might be.

The use of photographs, drawings or site plans to supplement your final report are welcomed, but are not a requirement.

You can download a detailed information pack regarding the indoor play inspectors’ registration and examination process via the following links

  • Application Form – Application form and membership fees
  • Full Information Pack

Upon successful registration with the RPII, play inspectors will be entitled to seek permission to use the RPII logo as evidence of a high level of competency in play area safety inspections.

The RPII is the official body for examining, accrediting and certificating indoor, outdoor and inflatable play inspectors.

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